Saturday, 11 February 2012


Today we made the terrible decision to put Womble down. He was 12 years old and we first saw him the day after he was born. He came to live with us as soon as he could leave home and had been with us pretty much the whole time we had been together. He had lived in 3 houses, 2 countries, seen us through 2 babies and 1 dog. He had also managed to outlive 3 of our other cats even though he was our first ever cat.

He was beautiful and comical and we loved him.

Over the last 6 months or so (or maybe longer, I just dont know) he has changed, it was a slow process at first but has been more obvious in the last few weeks.
He became very agressive and confrontational, he would seek out the dog to bully him. He used to attack us half way through being stroked and had zero patience with Lily. Just lately he started stalking her and lacerating her ankles with his lightening fast claws.

Last night he scratched her in the eye because she stroked him, cue crazy gut wrenching dash to the walkin with major blood and more than a lot of fear in my heart. She was ok, he had managed to get her upper eyelid and inside her lower one but not her eye. After three hours of being there and therefore three hours of thought we realised we could not let this continue.

So, at 11.20 this morning Womble left us. The vet was great and we know we have done the right thing. We did consider rehoming him but that would have been cruel, hes always been with just us, never even a cattery when we went on holiday. To top off this behaviour he has started behaving oddly at night and not realising we had fed him when we had. Walked around empty rooms hissing and growling. Essentially he had already gone.

So, our beautiful wonderful bath loving cat who used to greet us from work when we lived in our Langshott home and used to lie on all my homework has gone. We will ALWAYS love you and will NEVER forget you. My heart is broken.
 See you on the other side xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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