Sunday, 16 September 2012

audit, Ikea and hospitals

What a week its been. I was away all week in Montreal on an audit and its a great company to audit - full of interesting things and nice people. The industry is great anyway so it was always going to be a good one. The hotel was lovely, fabulous room, terrible but usable pool (why are Canadian pools SO bad?)
Ikea was amazing - I shot round and bought everything on my list, regardless of price with just the concern that it would fit in my additional bag - it did!
Montreal old town was gorgeous, felt like a European city but I am used to those so being impressed lasted less time for me. Where we are up by Dorval is construction, traffic,terrible roads and impatient people. I was pleased to come home.
I have also been emotionally traumatised at every meal time trying to ignore the high calorie, fat laden glorious food on the menu and go for healthy. I havent been for a weigh in as no ww near the hotel and the same will happen this week  but I am trying hard.

Last night Lily fell in the house and split her chin open, it was awful. It looked like someone had slit it with a knife, I was horrifed. I was then further horrified by the 4 hour wait for treatment at the old hospital in Truro - hideous place - thank God a new one has been built - and the fact that the evening ended with stitches and lots of tears.

So today we are all very tired, I have to do more laundry and loads of ironing and re-pack for tomorrows flight. I feel bad about this. Thank God we have an amazing most wonderful babysitter and Paul is home three days this week. Or I am not sure I would be able to get on the plane.

Ahead is the second and last week of the audit and then I will be home. I am looking forward to that day already

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