Monday, 3 September 2012

Labour Day weekend

So its Labour Day weekend - not Labor (I checked) and now its Monday and the last day of my three days off. Yesterday went from 2C to 28C - a swing of 26C in 5 hours, gotta be impressed by that!

We had a great time at a friends yesterday, we were more acquaintances at first but after a few hours together, some fine food, a walk with the dogs and a long chat about driving to the US complete with maps, books and deep discussion I feel that we are more "friends" than before.

One of the things about moving here is that you up sticks and move your life to another English speaking country thats a fine mix of all things US, UK and actually neither. Theres lots thats the same but much that isnt. It can take some time to adjust. And you lose all your friends completely. Yes they are still there, on skype (or some arnt) but friends that you can drop in on and chat too over a coffee are gone. You certainly have no-one that you can sob too when you have a sucky day.

So you need to build new friendships and of course that doesnt happen overnight. I have a new appreciation of people that I get on with.

I still walk around here in wonder that we got here though, although frankly some things that rocked my world for so long are now normal to me now - big trucks, stop signs, Tim Horton drivethroughs.

Unfortunately I have eaten too much good non WW friendly dishes this week, mainly due to portion size so I am not expecting a great result this Wednesday. I am also very sore from my Flow Yoga of yesterday morning, every friggin muscle aches.

The girls are back to school this Thursday (Lily starts for the first time) and getting them to bed early is still a battle. There is 3 sleeps left until the big day so tonight is going to have to be back to target.

So today I have plans for weeding, cleaning the pool, maybe getting in the pool, doing some volunteer Lantz Rec work and maybe just maybe going to the Lake. What I do know is that I dont want it to be manic, I want to enjoy it, take it slow and relax at the same time.

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