Thursday, 6 September 2012

back to school

Today was D-Day for returning to school. All preparations started last night with baths and hair and lunch orders. Lilys order made me smile, she requested:
Tuna sandwiches with carrots and cucumber
Extra cheddar goldfish
The penguin was designated as desert as it has chocolate in it. Some discussion was then had round the table as Chloe always classes her penguin as a midmorning snack.
Chloes menu choice was
Marmite sandwiches
Normal goldfish
She didn’t request the carrots and cucumber but she got some anyway!
Of course they got up at the crack of dawn so when 7.30am rolled around everyone was ready to go and catch the school bus.

Lilys backpack weighed a tonne so I met them at school and carried it in for her.
Cant wait to get home and hear how their day went


  1. Yayyy back to school! I imagine that it must be pretty exciting when your little ones head back to school for the year! I hope they enjoyed their first day.

  2. its fabulously exciting and not because I want them in school. More because you can see what a big day it is for them.