Wednesday, 5 September 2012

change afoot

Today its big time raining. I woke up to the sweet sound of it in complete and utter darkness of 6.14am. Its SO dark in the morning now.

I am feeling a need for Pauls spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight . Its feeling Fall-like, the rain is running down my office window in sheets.
I can see salad going out the window to be replaced by root vegetables.
Burgers will change to cottage pie. BBQ weekends will morph into roast dinners. Hanging outside all evening will turn into catching up with some new series on TV. Dry weekend evenings will be firepit evenings with hot chocolate. There will be no more pool but walking the dog with my Old Navy Fleece on. I may even go back to the early morning dog walks with my PJs on as its so dark that I can get away with it again, that will please Duke no end.
There are seasons in my life now. Each season comes with new rituals, and new photo opportunities.
Lily starts school tomorrow, she is SO excited about this. Chloe is in Grade 3 and I know is also pleased but its less bouncy about the whole thing.


  1. Hi! It's Tel8 from BE! You commented on my blog, so I thought I'd give yours a read as well!

    I'm looking forward to seasons myself. We're in Georgia, so we haven't had an autumn in ages. I really want to enjoy the leaves changing and wearing increasingly heavier coats for once (instead of cardigans, and light jackets for 4 months then blinding heat the rest of the year). Dark mornings make me want to go back to bed (lol) but it's nicer than bright sunlight when you're not fully awake yet.

  2. I am so happy to have found your Blog. I saw your comment on "Rainy Saturday" and had to come have a look... I am also a Nova Scotia Blogger, it's SO nice to read stories and posts from other Maritimers, I love being able to relate to photos and adventures!

    This time of year is my favorite. Nothing beats roast dinners, soups, pickles and homemade applesauce! Nothing beats cool crisp air on long walks, cozy sweaters and TV nights... It's the season of cuddling up and watching movies in the early evening and drinking tea by the woodstove! Love it!

    Your new follower,
    Rachel Emmilee

  3. Hi Rachel, thank you! This blog comes from the mind of a Nova Scotia newbie. I am still enthralled by so much here. I shall take a look at your blog!

  4. I love fall. I'm so glad this hot, crazy summer is ending - and a chance to start new routines is upon us.