Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hurricane tracking and strange dog behaviour

Today I am tracking a new hurricane thats out in the Atlantic - Leslie. There seems to be a fair amount of chat about its potential to turn up here as an uninvited guest and I LOVE storms. The current view being aired is that it may land next Monday - just the day I plan to fly out to Montreal with work.
I WANT to go to Montreal but I dont want to be away from my family if they are going to experience a Hurricane.
I dont want to miss the event frankly but equally I dont want to be miles away wondering how they are, potentially not being able to contact them and worrying about Lilys new found storm phobia.

Given that Lily HAS this new phobia should I feel guilty about still liking storms?

And the dog is currently behaving weirdly, he wont now come out of Chloes room unassisted, its like hes afraid of the doorway. That started yesterday when he was left for 40 mins alone, I am wondering now if we have a ghost - you know the paranormal activity kind!

2 sleeps till school starts and my plan to get the girls to bed early last night failed as we took the dogs for a walk at about 7.20 and got back at 8.30! There were some beautiful clouds out and a great sunset. There was one cloud that was frankly disturbing - it was black and like something out of Independence Day with downward reaching spikes. It was huge. I tried to sing its praises to Lily, I love clouds, even freaky looking ones.

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