Thursday, 27 September 2012

some normality

Its SO good to be back at work, the trip in was familiar if a little wet with the radio on and me singing along. There is a moose loose in Halifax today though which is a tad unusual and its being removed from the parking lot of a seniors complex by Environment Canada and probably a whole stack of HRM police.
Halifax Loose Moose caught
The reason its SO good is because I have been away for 2.5 weeks. 2 weeks of audit and Montreals concrete jungle, well Dorvals concrete jungle. Then I have been at home three working days as was hit by my first ever Gallbladder attack which was MOST uncomfortable. Another weekend trip to the lovely Truro hospital establishment and  I am now on a fat free diet which frankly sucks.
So it was with a light heart this morning that I made my way into my normal life. Well a fat free version but at least the rest is the same.
We have had Pauls Grandparents to stay for nearly two weeks now and the weather has been pretty atrocious, some major rain interspersed with some lovely Fall days but way too much of the wet stuff really but they have managed to get some miles in and explore. I can see through their eyes all the things I used to see as strange or weird and are now just life. It’s a reality check really on how far we have come. The eagles are still being elusive though….
We plan on checking out the tidal bore at the weekend (that’s new to me) and maybe we will see some of those eagles at the same time.
So for now, its back to the grind J Well a Nova Scotia version anyway!
Oh and I would like some new boots for Fall and Winter, you know the brown, smart with a dress or jeans type....

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