Sunday, 2 September 2012

its frickin cold!

OMG I am cold. I came downstairs this morning at 6.50am to be met with such a cool room that I honestly believed one of the windows had been left open. I soon realised that
 a) No window was left open and
 b) there was a severe frost warning last night.

Its like 16.8C in the kitchen right now and the heating is now on in here and the family room. Its actually COLD outside.

For about a week now the weather has been decidedly different, a marked change in the season is definately upon us, although the days are warm - around 22C so it feels like a nice British summer time day, the evenings are cool and the mornings are cold. I am waiting for my love of Fall to kick back in, I think it should once my grieving for summer is over. This is most definately why we need to become snowbirds. Once this grief is done and  I get over myself I enjoy Fall and then winter but come March I have seriously HAD ENOUGH of the cold.

Yesterday we went down to Theodore Tugboat to spend our Teambuy ticket that I purchased back in June, a family of 4 trip for just $25, instead of $64.99. Unfortunately Lily decided that she did not want to partake in this as the boat might fall over. She went on it last year happily enough but no amount of reassurance did the trick, Paul and Chloe went off alone and I was left on the dock with Miss Lily.

When we got home we went for dinner at Bitars - our local restaurant which is a fine take on the beloved Tapas bar in Horley. We spent a voucher from some friends for having Miss Lexus to stay for 10 days and had a very nice meal.

Today we are off on a visit to the Truro area for a BBQ and the likes. It promises to be a lovely day, I think I will need to take some layers frankly.

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  1. wow cold, it is hot here! I say you are lucky :)