Friday, 2 November 2012

warm weather and keeping in the BIG PICTURE

Its very warm out there. I am not saying that its Caribbean warm but its warm enough that I am wearing a T-shirt to work and a cardigan for outdoor. When I take Dukie out for his walks, I am too hot.
Its very nice but its also the start of November and I am wondering how much of a shock to the system the cold will be, when it finally makes an appearance for good.
Its saving us money in heat obviously as we havent had the fire on pretty much all week, the house is just TOO warm. I think its the knock-on effect from Hurricane Sandy - all this warmth just doesnt feel right.

I sometimes wonder if I am too obsessed with weather. As a Brit, I am meant to be all about the weather, but I was never this interested in it before we moved. I am thinking its due to having seasons in my life now - clearly defined seasons that require considerable changes in habits and prep work.

I drove to work this morning, the sun was shining and the view was terrific, all the reds are now gone from the trees and they are bare but theres some yellow left so the vista is of browns, greens and yellows with some mist rising from the lake and a very pretty sky. All was good with my world at that point.

Right now, I am dealing with some anxiety each day, but I am looking for tools to help me with that and to enable me to respond correctly. That view brings the big picture home to me, as I need to concentrate on the big picture which is:
Home in Nova Scotia that we love
Career progressing in Nova Scotia
Future Snow Bird activity for us down to Florida

Well, the top two are well on track, we have the NS house and are doing the renos that we need to do to make it a great family home. This years "to do" list is almost complete, the bathroom should be finished and ready for paint today (zippeeeeeee!)

My career is going in the right track and I am SO looking forward to my new job starting

Snow bird activity - slight glitch in those plans as next Marchs trip is now being put off to the Fall, but thats a short term issue and we are still going to Florida next year.

I need to consider next years plans for spending money in all the right places, I am a planner so plans are essential to me, perhaps it will look something like this:

  1. Save up the cash for the Holiday down South (yes I know we say Vacation in N America but I like the word Holiday)
  2. Get Lilys closet doors fixed
  3. Put up new curtains in Chloes room and the Family room
  4. New shelving in the Family Room and paint it
  5. Garden - move around some plants, grow own veggies
  6. Get a decent work wardrobe - I found this little phrase in a magazine and I loved it-  "I like to see my money - hanging in my closet" ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

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