Thursday, 28 February 2013

more insomnia

Its been a few good days workwise, I really feel that I might be finding my feet at last. One thing I do know for sure is that I love this Group of Companies. My heart is here and hopefully my career will remain here too.

We have another winter storm watch in place - yawn! I am not interested at all. I want this winter to be over, I even want the flippin bugs back. I am pleased to hear from all surrounding Canucks that this has been cold, this is unusual to be this cold for so long without reprieves. Each reprieve though is welcomed with open arms... each warmer day is like a gift that goes hand in hand with the almost constant blue skies and sunshine. Thank goodness there are very few dreary grey days in the mix.

Insomnia has been kicking my butt again, I really remember the one full night of sleep I have had recently. It was wonderful,amazing, fabulous. Last night I think I managed to get two hours of sleep - thats insane! I remember I used to stress out BIG TIME about how I could possibly last all day at work on such a small amount of sleep, now I just go in and get on with it.

I hope I sleep tonight. Please.....

Currently in this house we are waiting on news, we are hoping its good news but I cant tempt fate. Its so not a done deal, we are still waiting for the outcome. I have it all crossed, even my eyes!

This weekend I am going running, I want to try for the 4km again, we are also skiing on Sunday - I hope we manage to go this time. We have a full on social weekend planned and I am very much looking forward to it.

Its 8pm, is it too early to go to bed?

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