Tuesday, 25 June 2013

mums visit update

Oh we have been so many places in the last couple of weekends that I feel a little like I have driven all over Nova Scotia.
We went to the South Shore to the Rope Loft in Chester and had THE best coconut shrimp north of the Florida Keys.
We went to Melmerby Beach where it was beautiful and the sea was calm and clear (as usual), its my favourite beach in Nova Scotia.

We went down to Seaforth on the Eastern Shore and visited the Hope for Wildlife Place, mum watches them on TV in Germany so it was awesome for her to actually be there.

As I am British, I feel like writing 'Eh"! right after I write the word "Awesome", I think its because that word is still a little alien to me, although it is shall we say - great in its many uses!

The pool was fixed by Paul and some great friends and we are now enjoying it as the heat is absolutley back! So the world is now complete.

We went on a date night with our best friends to the Halifax Feast, that was absolutely hilarious

Today is mums second to last full day in Nova Scotia, and I have to go into work.....

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