Tuesday, 4 June 2013

the small never done essentials list

I am so behind.
I need new glasses, I need an eye test, its been over two years since I last had one back in England, my eyeshadow and mascara need replacing, I need to get my eyebrows shaped, I need to update my experience on CMA and CIMA portals....
I need to order Ikea bookshelves and an Ikea rug..
I need to plant tomatoes and lettuce and strawberries and weed the damn garden. I have all these plans to be self sufficient in the tomato, lettuce and strawberry dept. All we seem to have around in the beds are dandelions, apparently they can go in salad. I cant see that frankly.

I just cant get my shit together to get it all done.

Also - I don't want to go down the new glasses road yet as that requires spending some probable serious money and I need to research my options first in case theres a deal somewhere to be had, and also then I need to pick frames and apparently different shaped frames suit different shaped faces but I don't know what suits me, I don't even know what shape face I have. All I do know is that every now and then its looking too fat for my liking!

And I have been wearing glasses for ages and never yet bought frames that I actually like. How is that even possible? So its too much stress right now frankly.

I am also waiting for the ominous CIMA or CMA email or worse, letter, stating that if I don't update my CPD I am in trouble, that would throw me into a stress!

I need a couple of weeks off work just to sort all these small details out that are threatening to become big issues.... as if that's possible.....

On a plus point - mum arrives for 3 weeks on Thursday so now we have just tonight and tomorrow night to clean up her room and bathroom..

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