Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The little things

The small stuff rocks my world -
Clothes from my new favourite stores - BP, Gap, Old Navy. I realize that I am essentially buying everything from the same company but I like their stuff. I have just discovered Hollister too and got a fabulous t-shirt from there a couple of weeks ago - thank you to #1 Father in Law for that!

Running - whether its in the Sportsplex where I can be zoned out and running to some random beat in my ears and with my head in some far off world, or its outside with Dukie in the neighbourhood at the crack of dawn. Its my favourite way to start the day.

Walking - anywhere, especially in this here Canada, I flat out love it.

Working on spreadsheets - call me boring but thats my bag baby.

Fruit and salad and fish and healthy stuff - sometimes I eat A&W and I love it at the time but I feel HORRIBLE afterwards. The same can be said for Chinese - gah I feel awful after that stuff
Fried eggs are also OUT, cant stand the grease.
Bring on black beans, sweet potatoes, salad, blueberries, raspberries and mango - lots of mango!

Vacations - its what I want to spend money on and being so close to the States is awesome. Florida will always have my heart but its a big old country and it is calling me!

I have decided that maybe I am now officially stuck in my ways and I am good with that.

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