Monday, 2 December 2013

a festive weekend

I have just had an amazing festive weekend. We had a lot of kids in the house but that was ok as we also had wine and they all pretty much played together and just turned up for food and snacks.

I had planned to start decorating the house for Christmas and with the help of Pinterest (new obsession) I had some rather ambitious plans.

While I was away with work Paul and the girls had been out shopping and had acquired a new snowman to join the reindeer and candy canes out on the front lawn, so our march towards being fully Griswolded up on the Christmas front had a boost.

So I decorated the front door inside with a garland and lights - its not AS good as the Pinterest one but I am pretty pleased, as I was on a roll we also did the staircase. That went well and as Paul had backed the first batch of mince pies for the season, I was able to sit back at 3pm with a hot mince pie and a glass of wine and admire my work.

Next week - the trees! Yup - we are having two this year, well actually three if you count the pink tree upstairs. I am bound and determined that this Christmas will make up for last year!

Since I got older, my present requirement list seems to have grown in dollar signs, on it currently for Christmas is:

Ipad (for us both, the kids aren't getting anywhere near that baby)
Food mixer - just the cheap variety, we are STILL replacing electrical items
Hot tub! (yes I know - dream on right!)

New king size bed! ( Theres a lot to be said for a bed this size!)
Solar panel for the pool - I will have warmer water next year!

Given the amount of money attributed to the words above - I think I need to buy a lotto ticket.

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