Sunday, 15 December 2013

snowy PJ Sunday

Its been a snowy chilled out Sunday. This morning I got up at 7am and it was quiet. I had gone to bed at midnight after watching The Holiday so it was nice that it was so quiet. I had my PB and banana french toast and then took Duke out for a walk trudge in the snow. It was nice. After yesterdays bitterly cold minus 31 in the windchill, the minus 15 was positively comfortable. So we went on a long walk. The snow was reasonable deep so it was more effort to walk and it was crunchy underfoot. It was also constantly snowing, which has been forecast and the forecast was accurate with 40cms due all day.
And it was that little fine snow thats amost as annoying as rain.

Duke loved it and has been in and out the yard all day with Alpine.
We made a decision to have a PJ day and thats how it went

Fire on
The light from the snow outside has been light in a snowy dreamy way, its been relaxing
Dogs in and out
Girls playing in front of the fire, no arguments, lovely.
Paul cleared the driveway
We had roast pork for dinner which was delicious
We watched The Santa Claus 2
I have been in the present all day, not thought about tomorrow or yesterday, just today. Its been bliss

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