Monday, 2 December 2013

The last two days in Florida and our trip home

So for our last installment of our trip to Florida, we had to leave on the Saturday morning, after our last meal at the Square Grouper, and it was REALLY HARD to leave. I couldn't even bare to pack so left it to Paul while I wondered the streets in tears ~ read as managed to fit in another walk in the eleventh hour feeling miserable. I couldn't look back as we left.

We drove up the Keys in some silence. Its so beautiful but hey, we were leaving, so all was not so good.

We stopped at the top for gas and then hit the Turnpike. We got back to Orlando in 6 hours after a couple of rest stops and checked into the Rozen Plaza on International Drive. We I picked here because I had stayed here in 2002 when I worked for Virgin Holidays and I wanted a little trip down memory lane (again)

(photo from the Rozen Plazas website)

The room was nice and had a lovely view as we were so high up and we had dinner in an English pub which was all themed to be so very British - flags, kilts, football tops, pictures of the Royal Family, loud Sex Pistols music, bangers and mash and scotch eggs. I loathed it!

We had to check out the next morning so we got up early and the girls and I headed out to the pool. It was pretty cool because no one else was out there (prob due to it being before 8am) and we spent time swimming and then in the hot-tub which has a waterfall feature falling in the middle of it. It hasn't changed at all in all that time.
The last time I had sat in it I was discussing office politics with a colleague!

It was actually really nice to sit there so early and spend that time with just my two girls. I knew that at some point in the day, that moment would feel as though it had belonged to a different day.

We had breakfast at Dennys and then went to the airport, where we said a very sad goodbye to Don and Liz and then got on our plane. I love Orlando airport but goodbyes are goodbyes.

We had a stopover in La Guardia and tried out their Ipads - I am embarrassed to admit that I had to get some training first from Chloe but I caught on quickly.
They have these at every departure gate. Gone are the days of just sitting there, now you sit up on a high stool at a long table and have your own Ipad, I was able to order food, pay there and then continue perusing the internet whilst it told me how long I had left before my departure time and the food was brought to us- crostini with different toppings was the high quality restaurant type - delish!
So - an Ipad is now on the Christmas wish list! Thank you La Guardia.

When we took off from there Manhatten was all lit up and I saw the statue of liberty! I tried to get some photos on my phone but they weren't very good.

We got home at midnight, it was freezing out there, a real shock to the system but Dukie was over the moon to see us! Home sweet home!

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