Monday, 23 December 2013

what things I will pay for... and those I wont

So, I was just looking at the driveway in wonder (its mostly ice-covered) and was thinking that we dont have any safety salt. I dont even know where to buy it and honestly, do we even need it?
When I was in Bed Bath and Beyond the other day I was a little overwhelmed by the variety of gadgets in there.. there was something for everything and I realized that I dont buy most things that I cant see a real use for.

I dont see a real use for safety salt on our driveway, if its that icy no ones going anywhere anyway and we dont have any steps to take care of.

We dont have a snowblower, they are uber expensive and the driveways not THAT big, having said all that I dont do the lions share of shovelling the driveway.

I dont want a Kitchen Aid. Sure I like cupcakes like any one else but I cant justify $399 (on sale price) for that shiny gadget.

I dont believe I need reusable K cups for my Keurig machine, I either use a K cup with coffee in it (preferably hazelnut vanilla or similiar) or I use the coffee pot and make loads. Besides the Keurig comes with a reusable cup, I just need to pop out the fixture in it, easy.

We dont have GPS in the car. It comes free with my phone if I really feel the need and I am old school in that a map gets my vote over some voiceover that will send me miles out of my way and possibly the wrong way.

I do like aloe but not aloe vera. Yes I know these are one and the same but a bottle of something with aloe will pull my interest whilst aloe vera has the same effect on me as Coronation Street (no thank you)

Lime and coconut will always be a hit with me as will Banana Republic, Reef flipflops and Kiss My Face creamy cleanser.

I am also approving of air conditioning in cars and power steering but not a camera that shows me how close I am to the kerb or whats behind me, surely thats what windows and paying attention are for.

I am happy to pay $600 for 3 cords of wood for my winter heating but cant bear the thought of paying Nova Scotia power money for heat, cant bear it.

I like Ford Mustangs but so does Irving and Esso. Can I face paying to run it to Halifax and back, probably not. I like my little Hyundai with its $50 fill up point when gas is at its most expensive.

I am starting to wonder if maybe I am just good old fashioned tight but no, on closer inspection I know I will happily go on holiday, buy airline tickets that result in an arrival in some Florida airport, rent a beach house, buy restaurant meals every night in a place where I constantly smell of sunscreen, pay to get into a theme park in Orlando and buy a Christmas decoration with an alligator on it. If it has Key Lime written on it, its for me, if theres a chance to go snorkelling in pristine waters I am there.... if theres some band playing Sweet Home Alabama in a place where I can buy conch fritters and the best pina coladas bring it on....

So... I am saving my safety salt, car GPS and Kitchen Aid (or other kitchen gadget) money for my next trip down South..... Theres freezing rain coming down outside for the third day in a row now. I feel some plans coming on.

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