Sunday, 22 December 2013

New Years Resolutions - 2014

Its Sunday morning, the rain is falling outside on all that pretty white snow, effectively turning it into ice and I waiting on this not so good wifi link to download page 8a of the Keys Citizen so that I can continue with my Sunday morning read of Tan Lines, my own little foray into the heat and happiness down in the Keys, whilst I have breakfast.
I managed to mess up this morning by not getting up early enough and therefore not making it to the Sportsplex by 8am for my run and now they are playing baseball in there and I have no desire to run whilst thats going on. I will get there for 12.30 and enjoy the solitude then and again thank my stars that we live here and I am not generally fighting off crowds for some space on the track.

I have been putting together the new years resolutions lists for this upcoming year and have decided that they will not be quite so vague as last years. I want to be specific between Jan and Mar and then vaguer for the more further away months. Some resolutions will sound perhaps ridiculous but they mean something to moi.

So here goes:

  • Commit to the Combat timetable for the month of January
  • Run at least once a week for all the snow and ice covered months, increasing to 4 days a week once the roads are run-able again
  • Increase from 5km to 8km (if not 10km) without screwing up my knees
  • Enter two races - Soul Sister and Mud hero - and run them (no gallbladder ops this year)
  • Drive to Maine for a long weekend
  • Call my Grandparents once every couple of weeks
  • Buy another pair of Reefs
  • Purchase a pool heater
  • Learn something new at work, completely new, never done it before new and get through the pain of the learning curve
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter, feed Nova Scotia, or something similar
  • Continue our project "Build our House" or "Buy a new one" in the same vein, ie not forgoing anything on the wish list or becoming budget careless
  • Look further into the Florida pad
  • Maybe get back to the UK for a visit
The last one is uber vague but actually may be arranged sooner rather than later at this rate.

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