Saturday, 21 December 2013

A look back

In the spirit of not making News years resolutions and then conveniently making them redundant like the current budget often always is, by the 4th week of a new year, I took a look to see how I have done this year. So Last years NY Resolutions were pretty attainable.

1. I feel like the year at work was pretty successful and I have grown, no idea what next year will bring but hopefully in the same direction.

2. I did well with the healthy stuff for the first half of the year and enjoyed running at 5km successfully,. since Fall its been harder and frankly I have fallen off the wagon. Today I have climbed back on!
I never went back to Yoga, it didnt really do it for me, I didnt find the relaxing poses relaxing in the slightest and hate the downward facing dog.

3. Same with zumba, never achieved it but I did swop it for Combat which I love but is intense and requires your everyday commitment which I struggled with.

4. We didnt really save very much for our vacation to the Keys but we definitely went and we had THE BEST time.

5. Home - check!

6.Weaknesses - yup, recognize them now

7. Aging - hmmmm - hitting the big old 39 soon and actually its ok. I know what my style is and I am cool with all this now. Banana Republic is where its at!

8. Got someone else to do something in the garden, otherwise was a big old fail on the gardening front.

9. Didnt really get to the beach that much which was a huge shame as the beaches rock here

10. Definitely ate out more! Discovered Swiss Chalet, a great Thai in Bedford and ate out every day and at every place in Florida

11. We spent more time in Halifax this year but at different things, we didnt make it to the boardwalk enough in my opinion.

12. I did stay at the Atlantica three times! Three nights for work so does that count? One night for our Anniversary! One night for work again but at the South Shore.

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