Friday, 2 March 2012


One of the things I have noticed most about emigrating is behaviour of people and I have had to come to terms with things that I have always considered unpleasant and tried to avoid. Back in my old life in England I hated to offend anyone and worked hard at my friendships even with people that maybe I shouldnt have as we didnt naturally get along.
I hated the thought I that I wasnt liked by everyone.

Since moving here I have had to accept "best friends" dumping me. I tried to reconcile, I was immensely saddened, I analysed, I questioned all my actions and in the end I accepted.

When we moved we mets lots of new people online that were already here that offered immense support before and after our move and we were so very grateful. We were in a land where we had no real friends. As time has passed some of those people have slowly disappeared out of our lives. I have again questioned my actions, behaviour and how I come across. I have tried to salvage those early friendships and its taken a while to accept that people dont always want to be your friend.

This before would have horrified me, now having been pushed into facing it as a reality it has been both painful and enlightening. People dont always want to be in your life and actually thats ok.

We have since our move made some great friendships with some good people who want to be in our lives and I cherish that. So now, I shall appreciate those people that I get on with and that get on with me, I shall invest time and energy into those people.
I will always appreciate those that were kind and friendly and supportive of our move here, and I will recognise that we dont need to remain friends.

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