Friday, 13 July 2012

the heat is on

OMG its hot, its currently 27C, feels like 32C and I just walked 4km (ish) to get sushi for lunch. I figured I would get a chance to look at the water in all its glory with its pretty boats and get some exersize too. What I didnt think too much about (in case it foiled my plans) was how hot it is and how I would suffer. I got back with my lunch in a shaky kind of way - not sure if its the speed I went at or heatstroke frankly!

I just had my sushi (my new obsession) - dynamite rolls and sweet potato rolls and now I am on the cherries for dessert. The fan is on in my office and I am wishing for rain.
We have an "all open fires ban" on currently as the place is SO dry and theres a hot breeze which, as I understand it, equals perfect conditions for out of control fires.
I dont really mind as I am not sitting around any firepits currently due to the night-time mozzie attacks and bbqs are not included in the ban. Gah, can you imagine if they were! The whole province, the whole country would be in an uproar.

We have some VERY exciting plans afoot, we are off soon on a whale watching tour in the Bay of Fundy. I am SO excited. I think camping may be involved on the first night but thats ok as a very nice guest house complete with running water figures in the next night. What this space for some pics with my Canon camera!

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