Wednesday, 25 July 2012

whale watching

we just had the most awesome weekend. We went whale watching in Brier Island, off the coast of Digby in the Bay of Fundy. We  went in a convoy with our friends who we plan to drive to Florida with and the term Roadtrip 101 was coined. We met at a Tim Hortons at 7am on the Sunday morning (how very Canadian of us) and drove up, through the valley and a gorgeous place aptly named Paradise.
We got to Brier Island after two short ferry rides around lunchtime. We barbequed, we watched the sun go down whilst checking out the whales in the Bay and the seals on the rocks and had a wonderful 4 hour boat ride on the Sunday.
Our guest house

Lily bird watching

waiting for the sunset

Chloe seal watching

3 humpback whales close to the boat

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