Thursday, 12 July 2012

Canon love

Its half way through the summer (or is it?) last year we went with great weather to the end of September so maybe are just a third of the way.

I won a camera when I donated to the cause of raising money to adopt a little girl from Eastern Europe
This child touched my heart hugely, she is 14 and weighs 14 pounds and resides all her days in a cot on a liquid diet and drugged for "good sleep". The children of these institutions break my heart and this wonderful family who had already adopted 4 children wanted to bring her home and needed some help. So I adopted my mother days budget of $35 and felt good. I hadnt even read the list of donated prizes and was therefore astonished when I was informed that I had won a camera.
A big chunk of guilt then crept in, I hadnt donated to win.
Anyway,this camera turned up via UPS yesterday and it is a camera of all cameras. A Canon that is beyond my wildest camera dreams!
I can see some very good pictures coming up in my future, I will be able to capture the colours and ambience (hopefully) of this amazing place. You never know, this camera may well turn me into someone who is actually good at taking pictures (overnight of course!)

And this child, well I follow the blog for news and updates on all their precious children and the upcoming homecoming of little Hasya.

It makes me hug my children all the more, I am SO grateful for them and plan on getting some amazing pics to put on here!

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