Thursday, 5 July 2012

Canada Day weekend

Well it was a hot and steamy weekend and I mean that in the sense of the temperature. I am now well versed at closing the windows at 9.30am and shutting out the heat all day. You open them again at night and let the coolness in. This was a new one for me, I have NEVER had to keep windows closed in summer before.
At one point it was well on its way to 40C outside :

The weekend was awesome! On Saturday we hung out at the pool with our friends and had some scrumptious Penne con Salmone. A dish that I used to love to eat in the UK at a pizza chain whos name now escapes me. Anyway I manage to pretty much perfect it here, I just switched the cream in it to greek yoghurt.

Sunday dawned bright and well, hot! We got some good spots in the shade and watched the parade, the girls got their usual stash of sweeties (aka candy) and I felt my usual rush of emotion at all those that put in effort to entertain me. There were a lot of fire-trucks involved, all the volunteers so proud and I was so proud to be in a community where that means alot to people.

We then went up to Rubys and hung out for the day. We meant to check out the car show but let Steve and the older kids go and look, it was baking out there.
We got out the water slip and slide and the kids played and we ate good food and watched a pretty decent display of fireworks at 10pm put on by Shubies fire dept.

Monday was chill out day with guests. We got some housework done and some friends came up to see us. It was slightly cooler day and I got some good dog walking in too,. I have taken to walking him in the morning when Paul is home, before work. It makes for a great start to the day.

Tuesday we went to the Dodge Garage and looked at some vehicles. Girls were really well behaved and we got ourselves a new car - 2011 Dodge Journey SXT, so now we have the right crossover for our trip to Florida next year.

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