Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Melmerby weekend

Last weekend was amazing. Ruby and I packed the kids into the back of the new car and set off for Melmerby Beach (my favourite)
We got there and had lunch sitting by the back of the SUV. I love lunch like that, theres no sand involved but good simple food. The kids had sandwiches and goldfish and juice boxes and Rubes and I had her homemade mango salsa with zesty lime chips and humus on crackers.
There were more waves than I have seen before but the water was still clear and it was hot. The kids had a great time playing and then I did something I havent done since I was 13 years old. I swam in the sea.
It was amazing!
Ruby and I swam out whilst leaving the older ones in charge on the beach and constantly watching them we swam in the sea, it was AMAZING!
When I am in Florida I snorkle in very shallow water with my eyes peeled as I am so worried about sharks, I never swim in the sea. My nerves wouldnt handle it at all.
Here there are no big sharks, just cool clear water that was warm enough to swim in and enjoy, it was soothing and rhythmical and that night I went to sleep to that feeling.

It was in fact a three day weekend for me and on the Monday I got some housework done and took the girls to their swimming lessons. It was a much cooler day and when I took Dukie for his walk the clouds were ominous but no rain.

Last night the rain started at about 8pm. I went to bed to the sweet sound of it and woke up to the same pitter patter on the roof. When I let Dukie out for his morning run he lay out on the deck in it and wouldnt come in, I wanted to join him.

By the time I left for work it had stopped and now its another scorcher. That was a nice relief last night. I will post some pics soon of the weekend.

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