Friday, 27 July 2012

rain and hornets

Yes its raining. on Tuesday it started in the afternoon and carried on all night, a gentle persistant rain that we all needed and that sounded sweet against the window.
Then it stopped and was gorgeous.
On Wednesday night I got back from work, took the dog out with Miss Lily and then came back and then went straight back outside to do some weeding. Suddenly I was attacked, yes attacked as dramatic as that sounds by something small and black that stung me in micro-seconds on the arm. It was weird in that it was an instant searing pain that went away quickly. The damn black thing was then all around me so I ran screaming into the house.
Paul didnt believe me (naturally) and went out to see what I was on about. He got divebombed by a couple of the black things (but not stung - way too lucky) and came back in.
We quickly realised that we couldnt use our front door. So Paul snuck out of the garage door to take a look and I followed. There was a mashoosive wasps nest there. I had not noticed it being constructed at all, it was almost like it had appeared overnight.

So we called a friend who came the next day to get rid of it. In the meantime we put up a warning notice and used the garage to enter and exit. Apparently it was full of Bald-faced hornets, the most evil aggressive hornet in North America, Hey nice to meet you!
Paul is now going to Home Hardware to purchase some lanterns to put up everywhere to put them off pulling another stunt like that. Apparently they are extremely territorial (as well as aggressive -did I mention that?!) and wont build a nest near another nest. These lanterns look like nests to them.

So my arm is sore abit and today its raining AGAIN which doesnt suit me as I have open toed wedges on and want to go to Superstore at lunchtime for some food supplies.
Its meant to be a good, hot and sunny day tomorrow and Ruby and I plan on taking the kidos through the Musquodoboit Valley down to Martinique Beach for some soul time.


  1. Yeesh, I've never heard of those hornets before. I didn't know we had any of those super nasty species of things here - Atlantic Canada is generally pretty un-dangerous.

    Also, passing along a blog award to you today!

  2. oh yes, I am reading it already! Its on my reading list! I loveit

  3. oh I just read that properly - a blog award? really! what does that mean?