Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Miss Lily is super proud of herself and rightly so.
Yesterday she mastered riding her bike. We went with the two of them and Dukie and her bike without its training wheels to the green field which has a track running through it, its really like the South downs there, anyway off she went a little wobbly at first but determined and she did it. Its good timing actually as shes fast growing out of that bike and needs to be in her new one, its bigger but its also heavier so she needs balance to be able to ride it.

The day before she managed to swim without her floaty jacket. I said yes to taking it off in the pool as this summer she can touch the bottom in the pool so its a whole lot safer for her than it was last year.
So I took if off and she swam off in her little doggy paddle but she didnt sink! She swam!

Today is another gorgeous 27C day and its only the end of July. Its my lovely Mothers birthday today and I wish I could be with her to celebrate but my brothers are there with her.

Tonight I am off to the movies straight from work, I am very excited, Its been a very long time since I have been to a social anything "straight from work"!
My pal and I are off to see "The Watch" with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. It looks like fun from the bit of trailer I have seen. And its half price Tuesday night so that works for me too.

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