Tuesday, 6 November 2012

bathroom colours and frosty mornings

I was reviewing our new bathroom last night. Its not quite finished but its almost there, it should be complete today bar paint. Paul is painting it, we decided this as it knocked a whole $400 off the quote and hes rather handy with a paintbrush.
We spent some time kicking ideas around on colour for the walls and then the knock on effect of wall colour of course leads to colours for towels, pictures and other bathroom accessories.

We've stood and considered our colour options both in daylight and after dark with the lights on, next to our oh so beautiful line of blue mosaic tiles that stand proudly amongst the white tile around the bath, and around the vanity.

We want (surprise surprise) a Key West theme in our bathroom. This theme was in our very first bathroom too and we want it again. I shy away from the fashionable brown spa look.

So, we have picked our colours and we will soon have it complete and I will put some pictures on here to show it all off. The main aim is space, light and airy and beautiful and a home to our funky Key West metal gecko.

This morning I took Dukie for our first of the season minus temps walk in my PJs. I did have my winter coat and winter fluffy boots on but I wanted to do the circle in my PJs as thats our regime in the winter months and I was eager to get right back into it. It was zero degrees out with a wind-chill down to -2. It was brisk.
I recall last year doing this little circuit in a wind chill of minus 26. That is something to look forward to again.

I am back on my healthy eating lark and have discovered a soup that I like to eat at least 2 days of the week - sweet potatoe and carrot with pear and curry. Its filling, its hearty, its sweet with some heat.
I need another now that includes black beans or chickpeas, I shall get my Jamie Oliver American cookbook back out.


  1. You'll have to post a photo of the bathroom when it's done. The sweet potato soup sounds delicious.

    1. Thankyou. Its being painted tomorrow so once thats done I will get some pictures. The sweet is amazing