Friday, 30 November 2012

first snow, shoes, 3k

So I am stuck at the roughly 3k mark for my run, I thought I could go further but on another attempt I found I couldnt. Its also conveniently snowed, that was this morning - or overnight - I am not sure, but we woke to it.
4cm had to be shovelled off the driveway (not by me, may I add) and Dukie didnt really get a walk as it was feels like -16 outside this morning.

I also thought that I was early and thank God as I couldnt get the garage door to open more than a foot, I had to get next door to give me a hand, he seemed to have a magic one as the damn thing suddenly behaved itself.

So I actually got to work almost on time, I am pleased to say, no having to explain my lateness or the damn door.

I think I may have to just check out the indoor running track, but maybe not tonight, tonight I am hunting out the evasive party shoes.
I am not very good at spending money, I hate it. Therefore what I buy has to be an emotional attachment as soon as we meet and it has to last, and be comfortable :-)
Therefore my purchases always take time and require consideration!

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