Thursday, 22 November 2012

life in week 1

Ok so I think I am getting over my funk.

I started my new job on Monday and it is different, its going to take me some time to get used to being here. I am still excited and still keen as this is a BIG DEAL for me, but I miss my old office SO VERY much. I under-estimated the effect of that.

Everyone is very nice and I know in time, I will love it. I just have to get over the new girl bit.

Its getting colder, the girls have their first colds in I dont know how long and today they are off school as they are struggling at night to sleep and I think they need some time to heal.

My early morning runs are starting in the dark and its cold. It was minus 9.7C the other morning and was frosty. I remember I used to imagine that kind of temperature would have to result in about 6 foot of snow but it doesnt. We havent had any of the white stuff yet, I am looking forward to it.

Running is definately getting easier now, its taken long enough and I am wondering if thats partly due to not having to lug so much weight around, I feel so much better for the loss, unfortunately I cant seem to break over the 1.5K distance, I need to work harder on that.

The girls are talking about Christmas, and I think this year that we will get two trees. I think we have enough decs for a small Disney tree in the family room too, so that will be fun.

Dukie is getting braver, he greets people who come to our home now instead of running away, hes growing so much in his personality.

The girlies are both doing well at school, I am very proud of them!

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