Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cold and running

The weather is cold – end of! And I mean FREEEEZING.  I went for a run in -9.7C the other morning and it was hard on my throat at first, and it was hard to get out there but I am glad I did.

The same could be said of last night, I managed to get out at 8.20pm with Dukie and I have realised that my normal running route is now “easy” – yes EASY!!! How about that! I need to push to a new longer one. I need to get to the 3k run mark next. I have to take my time as running was not my thing, but now maybe it is.

I am also now down 20lbs so I feel SO good, I still have another 15 to go at least, well thats the plan anyway. I am finding that I just dont want crappy food now, I feel good – I want it to stay that way. And there is absolutely no reason for crappy food when there is so much good food around to cook with.

It was snowing on Sunday, the kind that flurries down but doesn’t lay at all. The girls were ecstatic about this. It made me get my snowflake Scentsy burner out and stick Christmas Cottage scent in it.

I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas – I planned to make my own mince pies with my own filling, I need to find a recipe, thank goodness for Google! I need to still get some presents, we need to do the Christmas tree hunt and chop - I think thats scheduled for Dec 8th or 9th.

The new job is starting to go well, I am busy, really busy and I love that. This is a great company with great people and I am starting to feel so much more settled.

I am off to two Christmas parties over the next two weekends and that rocks my world. I get to wear dresses to both! Hurrah!!!  I love Halifax too, I love that I will be out in it. Its a really pretty city with great restaurants and ambience.

I love this province, this country, its beauty, its attitude, its people. I still wish that I had done this YEARS ago, instead of just wanting to.

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