Wednesday, 7 November 2012

feeling good

I am feeling really GOOD. I am out of my funk of stress and  I feel amazing actually.
I am starting to not feel so old, so getting "past it", so "just like a working mother and thats it"

Today I am feeling tremendous ( we need to bring that word back, it says more than awesome)

I feel young again. Its cold out and I mean REALLY COLD. I think this is it for the season, the fire is lit and will remain that way. I am still going to go and get new clothes (as planned) and embrace ME. I think I had forgotten how to do that.
I realise I have gotten so tired of trying to make this life this best we financially can, of building up to the next big career move, of trying to be the most up to date, experienced , yet fresh Accountant I can be.

I am a mum, a wife and someone who goes to work for a living, therefore not rich, but I am also a person, I am not old and past it, I feel GOOD.

Bring on the new job although it means leaving this one, which is actually quite sad.

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