Wednesday, 28 November 2012

some of the best times

Last night I was looking through some of the thousands of pictures that we took this year and thinking that I need to save them someplace other than on this laptop in case something happens to it, and I was struck by the memories of this summer. We did so much and I felt an urge to stick just a few of the pics of the best times on here.
Lily and I on one of the Harbour Ferries on Tall Ships Day, she had just enjoyed a chocolate icecream from the Cowes store

Lily and the view in Briar Island when we went whale watching
The girls on the rocks for our seal watching evening on Briar Island

 Chloe checking out the seals, this child just LOVES binoculars

 Paul and Mr Duke in PEI
 Lily in PEI
The girls in the car coming back from PEI - it was a GREAT short break

 Paul sorting things in the coolest place this summer
 Pondering on Queensland Beach

 Girls on Melmerby - the BEST beach in Nova Scotia

Hanging by the pool

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