Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Insomnia is my friend

Insomnia seems to want to be my friend more than I want lately. There seems to be at least one night each week if not two when I am lucky if I get 3 hours sleep. There always seems to be the same pattern too, its like everything is working against my nights sleep:

1. I cant fall asleep, I go to bed feeling tired, sometimes totally exhausted and just as I settle down my mind wakes up and its goodbye to dreamland.

2. I toss and turn, go through every issue in the world, sometimes these issues are not even issues until this time of day and then they knock at the door of my mind and they are a BIG DEAL

3. I remember things that I have totally forgotten to do - like put in my expenses and then I feel stress about this.

4. At some point I am falling asleep, I am nearly there and a child will whimper in their sleep or call out (never ever ever on a normal night will this happen and never ever ever earlier when I am wide awake and stressing over something inane, only at this point will this happen) and I am back in the land of wide awake eyes.
And its only at this point do I realise that I was actually nearly asleep then.

5. If I am lucky I will nap abit, during these "naps" I will attempt to work in my sleep, this is a waste of time I know but I cant stop it.

6. I give up and lie there staring at the ceiling marvelling at how awake I am and listening to the dog snoring.

7. At about 5am I will fall asleep and seconds lately am awakened by the alarm. Coffee calls my name.

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