Friday, 1 February 2013

a week of lunches - mostly fish it seems

Its been a week of lunches.
On Monday I met up with my lovely friend to dine at the Best Western Chocolate Lake. I love the Dining Room there, especially in the summer when the patio is open, as it has a gorgeous view of Chocolate Lake and shade, so you can sit out there in warm summer breezes and chit chat the time away.

It is still good in the wintertime too, as the menu is outstanding, we had our favourite Haddock sandwich. It was delicious and the company was great.
As a side note I was not prepared for all the piles of dirty snow everywhere and part of the Arm being frozen, that was bizarre but then I am still getting used to seeing the ocean frozen, not a common scene in England.

On Tuesday I met Paul for lunch at Steele Hyundai, I dropped off my little car for a service and we drove on to the Split Crowe in downtown Halifax. More than one person has helpfully told me that there is also a Split Crowe in Bedford but I love downtown Halifax. You can always find a parking spot, the cost of that parking spot doesn’t kill me and it was a small walk to the Crow. We had the two for one January lunch deal, I had the hot chicken with stuffing and gravy sandwich and it was divine, truly scrumptious!
It was also a big plate – hurrah for a good deal!
On Wednesday and Thursday I was audited, which is always a joy as it includes lunch and the chance to hang with my old team. We went out in Bedford – to a little cafĂ© on Weds where we had rather scrummy haddock and to Bewsters on Thursday – Haddock again. I honestly have not tasted better Haddock outside of Nova Scotia! To me Haddock here is on a par with Snapper in the Florida Keys. You expect it to be good and it delivers! Every restaurant in this province that has served it has served an outstanding fish dish.

 Yesterday it was super windy – gusts of 100km per hour came through, it was noisy on the roof at work, but I was chilled about it. “Weather” always gets my vote but I do realize that this may well be due to the fact that it hasn’t ruined anything of mine yet, I am sure I would take a different view if it had.
I am loving my new job more and more - thank God for that!

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