Monday, 25 February 2013

to serve and protect....

Not much, in fact nothing to report really thats new in life here. We still see a mix of snow, flurries, sun, blue sky and snow. I am bored of it frankly.

I had a little bit of excitement this weekend that I could have done without.
On the drive back from my friends on Sat afternoon up the Highway 2 through Fall River I came across a RCMP SUV on my side of the road. I was a little taken aback and was doing about 80km/hr, so I slammed all my feet on the brakes and executed a near perfect emergency stop.

The SUV driver noticed he was in fact on the wrong side of the road, swerved to his side and waved in recognition - thanks buddy!

At that point, I noted that we were all in our correct seats, including the dog and drove on. This was soon to be seen as  a very bad idea judging by the noise coming from the car - it sounded like the whole underneath of this Dodge Journey had come apart. So I stopped and considered the predicament.

Here I am in Canada with a clearly broken car, no CAA and no idea what to do. As luck would have it I was right next to a brand new kids play area, so off went the girls to play.

I called the garage - no answer - of course - its Saturday - everyone is playing or watching icehockey no doubt. I called my friend Ruby and chewed her ear off. I got the number for the tow company and booked my tow-truck. Then I called the RCMP to complain, my car doesnt work, its their friggin fault.

So I spoke to two ladies and finally the sergeant and the gist of all conversations is this:

From them - there is no Motor vehicle accident and I am not in the ditch (kudos to me frankly)
From one of the ladies - My brakes cant be that good then ( this is after the tow truck driver showed me whats making the racket - my braking had made the brake calipers detach from the brakes, thank goodness I stopped driving the car) - to this I responded that really thats a sweeping statement thats best coming from a mechanic and not her or I. I accepted her apology..

From the sergeant - I struggle to know who that could have been, maybe HRM police.... I pointed out that the colours on the side had orange and a horse on them - he conceded thats RCMP. I did get the licence plate of the RCMP SUV that came back past 5 mins later whilst I was sittting mulling over my options. That SUV came so damn close he nearly took my wing mirror with him.
I informed the sergeant that had that occurred I would have torn his head off. He thought this sentence was amusing, thank God we can all laugh together eh!

Anyway, whilst hes figuring out who that could have been (dont they have GPS??) we are left with a $69 towing fee, no car as its at the garage, no doubt accruing more dollar signs on the final bill for all this. I have absolutely no intention of letting this go.

I want someone to be accountable for all this cost. If I had been on the wrong side of the road and forced that officer to stop as swiftly as I had (again kudos to me! without loss of life or close encounters with a ditch) I would have been lucky to get off with a $400 ticket.

So, I need to call Officer in charge again tonight and see how things are going.....

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