Sunday, 10 February 2013

Winter Storm Nemo

Its 7.23am on Sunday morning and the wind is raging out there (at times, in a gusting fashion) and the snow that started on Friday evening is still falling. We are getting battered by Winter Storm Nemo thats already hit NY and Boston, Maine and New England. Its been here since Friday evening and each day I have waited for the power to go out, and it hasnt yet.

Yesterday I cleared the driveway 3 times, with the help of a kindly neighbour with his snowblower, I was so glad for it at 6pm when the snowplow finally went past and deposited a WALL of compacted snow onto the end of the cleared driveway. My attempts with the shovel to clear it almost finished me off, it was so heavy and there was so much. If I am honest, when I first set eyes on that, I could feel tears welling....

The end result of clear driveway take 1

Chloe out on the back deck at 10am yesterday

Driveway clear take 1 - Saturday 9.30am

Hes a kind neighbour, we are extremely lucky here. And our neighbour from the house behind us is coming here at midday on his ATV with his plow attached to clear it again which relinquishes me from the task this morning, I am wondering if I will be able to go running instead - hmmm

I have been on FB looking in shocked horror at images of flooding in Shelbourne and those areas and I cant imagine the misery right now of those living up there, at least we only had snow to contend with - LOTS of it.
There goes the wind again, it sounds like a plow coming...

Theres also pics of Lower Water Street, see below that I have borrowed from NS webcams. I love Halifax, just looking at pics of it makes my heart swell.

I have come to realize more and more how attached I am to this Province, its people, its beaches, its communities, its city - Halifax. Many would consider the label of "city" to somewhere of Halifax's size to be dubious, but what makes a city? Is it a sprawling density of home and suburbs like say Croydon or is it the most densely populated area in one place, as Halifax would be in Nova Scotia?
I mean I have heard Key West called a city and that's 2 miles by 1 mile in size.

For me, living out here in a bedroom community is lovely, its peaceful, its friendly, it feels good but I cant wait to get to downtown Halifax and feel its ambience. Its pretty, its got historic buildings, a water front, a harbour, restaurants, live music, night life.
We really did get lucky when we picked this as our new home.

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