Sunday, 17 February 2013

Love Sunday

I am feeling quietly content. Sure its raining and therefore our planned days skiing has had to be postponed to a snowier day, but its Sunday. This means that I have been to the track already, had breakfast with my family and have just perused the Keys Citizen with my morning cup of "Jamaica Me Crazy". Now that I have had my Keys fix, all is good in my world.

And its not just that thats making me so happy, last night we went out to a party and I found myself being talked into running the 10k Bluenose. Apparently, if I can run 3k comfortably (and I can, so kudos to me), I can run 10k. So, I put this theory to the test this morning, even though I have the afterthoughts of too much white wine, red wine,  Lemoncello and party mix in my blood system from last night. AND I ran 2.5km with Dukie outside yesterday (actually running outside has probably added to my contentment as running outside rocks!)
So anyway.... I ran 4km this morning, this is me following my "incremental steps" and "continuous improvment" plan in life.... I can run 4km!!!! - big hurrah to me!! ( I am more than pleased! Can you tell?!!)

So, its 10.19am - I have just breakfasted with my family - breakfast of all of us together with loads of options as we all have different breakfast wants, I am full of Keys happiness and my legs ache with the achievement of 4km.
After this I will finalise the T4's that I am running for the rec commitee (gotta love payroll and taxation right), and then look forward to our friends arriving this afternoon for dinner. The house will be full of more people, lots of children and some good food - including roast parsnips!

I can hear Paul upstairs helping Lily tidy up her room (AGAIN, you wont catch me doing that for Miss Lazy), the house is clean enough, more snow will fall so skiing will happen this season and Spring is in the Post.

I love Sundays

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