Thursday, 7 February 2013

whinge fest

Gah its cold and I have a cold, a stinking horrible, keep you up at night cold.
I realise that I havent had a cold or any kind of sickness for ages, bar insomnia of course (bless it!)

I just went out as I craved a Tims for lunch, the windchill took my breath away and I could almost feel my nose preparing to fall off. Its minus 30 out there with gusting freezing winds. But the sun shines and the sky is blue and the snow on the road is rapidly turning into ice.

And we have another 50cms of snow forecast this Saturday, I feel like my interest in all this snow and "weather" is turning me into an obsessed person. But I am a Brit, arent we Brits meant to be obsessed with weather.

I am surrounded by my work colleagues all complaining about the cold, they hate the cold, they hate winter, its too flaming cold. They are all Canadian incidentally!

If I so much as "suggest" on my FB page that I am SO OVER WINTER because frankly I am, I get jumped on by all the Brits that live here now.
I get advised - "get out and make the most of it, go skiing, skating, EMBRACE it"
Well I would LOVE to go skiing but that requires way more disposable income than we have right now - thanks roof! - and skating - hmmm, I may pass. I dont wish to revisit broken ankles.

And besides if the Canucks can whinge, why cant I?

But the Tims was good, a real good indulge in salt here and fat and refined carbs, exactly what I need!

Thats another reason for summer to come back - summer equals salad and running outside, I cant wait!

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