Thursday, 2 August 2012


Meeting Goals:
I was perusing through my blog in a tired kind of way as I was awake all flippin night last night and I came across my post in February 2012 called “calling Spring”
I was reading where I was bored of winter and wanting icecreams outside of Averys and hot Potato Salad again, green trees and chalk drawings on the driveway.
Well I am pleased to report that’s all been real life for the last two months and I am looking forward to a third month of all that as its just the start of August. Its also been humidity, heat, pool, beach, shorts and t-shirt and flipflops.
I now cant imagine snow and ice and freezing rain although I do know that its in the post (that’s Rubys saying and I like it!)
Weather update
Today its raining AGAIN, tomorrow its forecast at 28C feels like 35C double woot! And something similar for the next 4 days.
August Holiday:
I am off ALL next week, in fact my vacation starts in 20 minutes and I am SO pleased. Its my first ever August vacation and at home too.  We really have managed to build a life where it feels like we reside in a vacation spot. I no longer walk around our neighbourhood sobbing at the knowledge that we made it, I now just know it. I hope I don’t start to take it for granted
I have a 45 min drive home shortly, thank goodness I managed to plug my Ipod into my car this morning and can now listen to all the music on it, that should keep me entertained until I hit the home straight!
House Update:
So we have been able to tick two items off this years house “to do” list and that is the fence and the water heater. We now have just agreed a quote for our bathroom reno and that starts in September.  That will be a nightmare and great all at once.
So next year is still the vacation to spend money on and I want to spend some energy in the garden, I have high plans for tomatoes and lettuce and maybe peppers next year. Oh and strawberries. In the spirit of saving money I also plan to move some existing plants around.
Our property renovations guy is so reasonable and good and I am so blown away by his workmanship in the house across from us that I think I may see if he can do our new shelves and cupboards in our family room next year too. It would be good to stretch to that.
Oh and the current idea is to replace one window a year so that isn’t an enormous expense. I am all for spending money wisely on our asset.

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