Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Party weekend

Saturday was a pretty full on day, we headed out to the Christmas Tree farm in the morning to pick this years tree. There were many to choose from but we were worried about the "DFS effect" and ended up picking a smaller tree than last year.
The "DFS effect" means when you are in a sofa showroom and they are all massive and its hard to place your head back in your living room and you end up with a sofa thats enormous and takes over the whole place, that looked "small" in the showroom.
It was also raining that day - a steady drizzle that made me feel like we were back in the UK

Girls didnt mind that the tree was slighter than last year and happily decorated it. We just had to be very careful with heavier ornaments and have vowed that next year we will buy the biggest tree we see with strong branches and just empty the room around it.

The living room was pretty cosy that night. I love the Christmas feel in this house.

It was also the IMP Christmas Party night and my loss of 22lbs has enabled me to pick and choose through precious dresses that were previously out of my option range. I picked this one as its more "Holiday-ish" and I was pleased.

It was a GREAT night, so nice to see everyone back at Head Office. I do miss them.

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