Sunday, 27 January 2013

a weekend of two halves

Its been a weekend of two halves, in more ways than one...
Firstly I cleaned half the house yesterday and the second half of that half today... It took ages as its filthy (frankly), once I started I quickly saw more and more that needed my attention. It doesnt help that we heat with wood sometimes, I vacuumed up stacks of soot from the shelves and in fact everywhere. I wonder how much cleaner it would be if we had propane.... hmmm...........

I was also in a horribly bad mood yesterday. Granted, it started off well with a run at the Sportsplex which was over-run with little girls at 8.30am in spangly costumes and glitter everywhere, but they were on the ice and not in the field so they were safe from my wrath. I got in only 8 laps, I had planned on 10 but that 8 were hard going so not a great start to my day.
This is due to my massive lack of exercise lately, I blame the weather entirely, its too damn cold to get out there any do anything.
I need the sportsplex more and more but of course thats being used by other people that are too cold to be outside too! They are Canadian, why arent they tougher? Why arent they out jogging on the ice?!!

So, bad mood accomplished, I then got into a rage over the bloody garage door again. I mean really - why have a garage that you cant use in winter! I mean I can use it but I want to blow the door up in the morning at times as its SO unco-operative and wastes so much of my time and hurts my shoulder.
We had some friends round for dinner last night though and that WAS fun, even though I was a little stressed in the run-up but it was that kind of day. I had promised to cook the Seabass that we had in the freezer - why???!!! I had no idea what to do with it! None. I think it was luck that made it not only edible but actually delicious.

This morning dawned bright and clear and I pulled on my big girl pants, got over myself and came down for a decent breakfast. It was peaceful, I planned on PB and banana french toast and lo and behold we were out of eggs - naturally. BUT nothing was going to destroy my peaceful happy Sunday, so I borrowed some from my neighbour. I then enjoyed it all with my new Coastal Living magazine.
It was lucky that I had some housework plans as I all but lost the laptop to my oldest child who was on skype for hours with her English friends...
So, I finished the main floor, vacummed, swiffered, mopped, laundered everything, changed beds, cleaned the bathroom again. So much excitement for a Sunday.
But it brought some peace and some happiness that comes from having a cleaner home. I looked out of the window and saw all of the yellow circles in the snow that suggests thats Dukes current bathroom, why cant he contain his eblusions to the wooded area that we marked in our minds as his bathroom, hes clearly not on the same page.

So its 9.30pm, I am tired, half the house is clean - Paul can do the rest tomorrow, I am sure he has nothing more important planned!!!

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