Monday, 19 March 2012

beautiful Halifax

Its amazing weather today, I took the dog for a run at 6.30am and it was warm, I had to take off my fleece. Its lunchtime and I just printed a map of this area which is called “The Arm” in Halifax and went for a wander. Its lovely weather and I had to take off my Spring jacket as I was too hot. I wandered around very pretty roads and looked at rather adorable houses. Its so peaceful and I could smell the sea all the time which is just soul food to me.
It reminded me of Key West and St Augustine – and  I am referring to the houses, its obviously NOT that hot and there are no palm trees but it feels as good. The houses are all sorts of pretty shades and different styles and lots have a water view. I am SO pleased I work down here.
I felt at one with the world which was nice.
I walked back to the office along the waterfront and too late thought about taking pictures, so I managed to get one on my cell phone....

I am coming back tomorrow lunchtime when its forecast to be even warmer with a small picnic. I made my first ever Rosemary bread yesterday in our bread maker – thankyou SO much Helen for that. I think my sarnies will be made of that!

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