Friday, 9 March 2012

last day and Florida plans

Today is my last day in  this job and I am training my replacement. It feels a bit weird and I know I will miss this place but I am excited about my new job which starts Monday. I have new shoes, new pants (yes trousers that I bought here, therefore they can be called pants), new bag!
I dont get many new bags, I am not a girl who has a bag for every occasion therefore a new bag, to me, is a big deal.

It was 12C when I left the house this morning, grey and windy too (very windy) with a fine rain falling. It feels nice that its this warm and the clocks go forward this weekend so thats something to look forward to.

Chloe went to a pyjama party at school today in her green pyjamas as its nearly St Patricks Day. I dont think she was even aware of St Patricks day before.

We have been chatting with friends about driving to Florida next March. They have two girls too and two dogs (shelties) and we have found a divine place in Sugarloaf Key which allows pets.

We would take a vehicle each, ours is a van and theirs is a crossover. We are throwing around ideas but so far have come up with:

Leave home at 7pm and drive 12 hours with the kids and other driver asleep. Hopefully this will get us just south of New York. Stop for breakfast and rest, let the kids and dogs stretch legs and play abit.

Other driver then drives for around 6 - 8 hours, with breaks and lunch, first driver sleeps. This hopefully will bring us to the Carolinas where we stop for the night.
Next day we drive to Orlando where we stay for two days and take in a park - one family goes and takes all the kids. Other family hangs out with the dogs.

After short break drive 8 hours to Sugarloaf Key with breaks and lunch in Key Largo hopefully - at Sundowners on the Bay - fabulous place
Spend week in the Keys

On way back do the reverse with another two days in Orlando and another Park.

I love the fact we are taking Dukie with us, that rocks my world.

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