Thursday, 15 March 2012

hot potato salad and freezing rain

Tonight for supper we are going to have Cajun chicken breasts with Delia Smiths hot potato salad. This little potato beauty was first introduced to me last summer and was an instant hit – thank you Amy.

We are having this rather summer like feast as

a)      We have the ingredients and they need eating, and

b)      I want to stick two fingers up at the very wintery weather we are having today and have some summer food.

Last night I drove home in freakish freezing rain. I recall when we first moved here I wanted someone to describe freezing rain to me, I wanted to compare it to hail stones. I was a little miffed that the conversation couldn’t allow me to make that comparison and then move on. Well, last night that came back to mind and I cant describe freezing rain either, except that its rain that well, freezes but its not hail.  Its like rain needles coming down. And its dangerous as everything gets so slippery so quickly.

It took me about an hour and a half to get home, and I was a tad scared.

Today, I drove in to work after we had our centimeters of snow last night and I cant say how many centimetres as I am bored of it all and the highway was pretty clear for the most part but near town it really wasn’t. There was so much slush everywhere that when a truck drove past me, it kicked up a wave of slush onto my windscreen and suddenly I could see nothing and it kept coming, I must have been covered in slush from all its eighteen frickin wheels.

My tickets for my Toronto work trip came in today, and we are in a nice hotel with a pool – I am only on an overnighter but I plan to use this pool at least twice. I am rather excited to be taking this trip as its been a very long time since I got the chance to get on a plane without children requiring things.

I am still getting used to my new job, its only day 5 but I think its pretty cool.
 I am eating about 600 calories less a day here as there are no goodies  and I mean none! There is a close by Tim Hortons but that of course requires money so I am going to keep clear of that.

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