Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Food, running, weather

So my eating healthily plan is not err going to plan. I managed to do the finish eating before 6pm thing for about a month and I felt really good. And I also managed to run almost every day which felt even better.
Lately its been too icy outside to attempt running with a sane mind. But the other day I had a chance and off I went and it was fine, easy actually to run the 1k I could run before without needing to walk. I am hopefull I can push this to 1.5k and then 2k soon. I cant go straight to 2k as my sodding knees or pelvis could well start to complain and then I will be back to square minus 10 before I know it (yes worse than square one as I wont be able to do a thing).
And I have started snacking again in the eve, I am blaming this on 90210 which I am addicted to and need to watch at least one episode an evening, I in turn blame this on the weather so at least I am not to blame here.

Also theres too much food at work - gah! always! Thankfully I am dealing with this issue by leaving on Friday. Yes, new job starts on Monday and I am getting super excited about this. I have high hopes for this job, I want a company to retire to, I am hoping this is THE ONE

Anyways (not anyway, they add an S in Canada) its forecasted to be 13 degrees on Thursday, yes thats plus 13 (in March!!!) and I read in the Metro yesterday that its going to be a warm Spring. Now a warm spring to me is 13 - 20 C each day, thats a warm UK spring which then always turns into a cold and grey summer. So what is a WARM  Spring in Nova Scotia? I shall report back in May with that answer. Well, I shall prob mention temperatures before then but I shall attempt a proper report in May.

Oh, and another tip I need to share to any Brits moving here, if you like to walk anywhere do not buy a house on an unpaved road, those roads are lethal and take forever to defrost! Just wanted to share

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