Wednesday, 7 March 2012

oh the rage

Dons puppy keeps peeing in my house, we came home last night and saw two little pees upstairs on the landing on the carpet (RAH!!!!!!!!) next to Dukies bed. I know hes marking and I am outraged that hes marking next to my dogs bed in my home. He's not even allowed up there!
I know hes just 12 weeks and a baby but I am cross.
Hes only young but he already has growled at my children when they touched his toy - boy did he face me for that and hes already felt my wrath at peeing on my downstairs rug. straight after coming in from outside. He clearly wants to be an alpha male and quite frankly he can want, this isnt his house. He can wait for his own.

I want that dog to stay in his own domain, downstairs. I need to discuss this with Don today, when I get home. I just needed to get how I feel off my chest.

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