Wednesday, 28 March 2012

trip away from home

 I have just returned from my first audit at Toronto. I caught an early plane with my colleague who makes me laugh - who said auditors are meant to be serious anyway - and we went and had a great two days. I saw some great divisions of our company and was introduced to the Keg restaurant which has amazing spinach and strawberry salad and a rather delicious salmon dish - me and my fish right!

At first when I left I felt sad to be away from the girls, actually I felt awful to be going someplace without them. This then swiftly changed to guilt (good at that!) and then lo and behold I started to enjoy this time away in my new job. At first I couldnt get my shit together as its been 8 years since I travelled without Paul and hes a travel control freak so I am used to not having to think about where my passport, ticket, money is. But I soon got it sorted after I dropped it all on the floor and thought I had lost my PR card a couple of times - cue freaked out feeling.

Toronto airport - a little like Heathrow

We stayed at the 4 Points Sheraton at Toronto Pearson airport which was very nice, weird parking lot setup but the hotel was clean and nicely decorated and the breakfast was very nice. I would most definately recommend it. It has good pillows!  It had a marvellous view of the airport of course - no sundrenched beaches this time - but it was just fine.

I was only away for two days, I got back last night at 10.30pm and I am very much looking forward to the next trip. I am not hugely in love with dragging the audit bag about and I feel a bit strange when a black Lincoln picks me up as my home to airport and back transfer. I do however love being on a flight where I dont need to entertain small children or try to stop them kicking the seat in front. I can read or watch a movie or even work! The girls and Paul survived just fine and they were very happy with the black bears I brought home as presents for them.

For me, I have re-found my working life.

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  1. Just to add - Paul didnt get a black bear gift, hes too old to qualify!