Wednesday, 21 March 2012

feeling hot hot hot

I have just had my second picnic lunch with a water view and it was bliss. I have found a little spot in a nice residential road that is waterfront and public and has a little bench to sit on. I have spent two happy lunchtimes now on my bench with a mini picnic gazing out at the glittering water.
Its hot today - 23C I think and forecast to be even warmer tomorrow with temps due to dramatically fall on Friday to 10C with snow flurries forecast for the weekend - nuts!
Last night we had a bbq for dinner - burgers and sweet potato wedges and I even saw a mosquito. It was so warm it was just scrumptious. Tonight I plan on mooching around the neighbourhood with Dukie just letting it all sink in.
Paul is off today and tomorrow so thats nice too, maybe he'll wash my car......

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