Monday, 5 March 2012

my birthday weekend

I just had the most amazing Birthday weekend.
I am not a high maintenance Birthday girl (I dont think and I hope not!). My idea of a good day is some homemade cards and a couple of presents that float my boat. I got this and a whole lot more.

Firstly I got a new Scentsy warmer from my friend Heather and some white tea and cactus scent. I have been thinking about what warmer to buy for my living room to replace the snowflake one which needs to be lovingly put away until next December 1st. The deadline for this is March 21st and now I have my new Spring /Summer one - its called Enchanted and its beautiful. White tea and cactus is a lovely fresh Spring/Summer scent (to me) and I am looking forward to putting this one in my front room - thank you Heather.

The day before my Birthday was a handy Saturday and I spent the morning walking the dog and then the afternoon hanging out at the local Spa having my Valentines Day gift of facial, hand massage with warm paraffin treatment and hot stone foot massage, was bliss! Then I came home and we went to Ruby and Steves for dins, the most divine pork roast! I love it there

My Birthday dawned bright and early and I crept out of bed at 6.45am to have some lovely me time with coffee and this laptop. This lasted all of well three minutes when I was joined by both children and Paul. Now I am not complaining but 20 minutes of me time would have been rather nice first, especially as the light was so good coming into the house.
Anyway, we had some pancakes and bacon for breakfast cooked by my darling man and then I walked Dukie and had a shower. We all got ready and drove to Tracey and Nics house where we left the girls.

We then drove to MicMac Mall where we walked to a store and Paul asked for a girl called Emma who gave him and envelope for me, inside it was some vouchers from Tracey and Jenne for a store called Rickis that has a ravishing raspberry coloured bag that I had my eye on. So up we went and I bought it. Clutching my new bag we then drove to Chapters bookstore (or rather book kingdom as it has a Starbucks in it!!!) where I spent a merry hour or so choosiung $73 worth of books - heaven!

We then lunched in Montanas - mmmmm kapow shrimp, loaded potato wedges and quesidillas! After that we mooched around Home Depot - I LOVE Home Depot and we had no kids and we need a new bathroom so I figured that research of these things is fun. Then back to Tracey and Nics for roast dins. They had decorated the windows with Happy Birthday messages from the girls

It was an all round awesome weekend.

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